News Clippings

Here’s a selection of news clippings mentioning Honeysuckle –

News clippings

Talk to the Moon soon
– a pre-opening story from The Canberra Times, 1st December 1966.

Click image for larger version (950kb), or here for largest version (2.4MB).

Scan: John Saxon, assembled: Colin Mackellar

Off to the country

Off to the country for a day’s work
– Canberra Times article of February 1967.

John Saxon, who scanned this, writes, “Amazing how chauvinistic it sounds these days – and it was written by a woman!”

Click image for the full version (570kb), or here for largest version (1.2MB).

We could be the first to know

Newspaper clipping in the final run up to the lunar landing.

It comes from page 4 of a Sydney newspaper – possibly The Sun – in January or February 1969. The story is by Joe Morris.

Scan: Colin Mackellar. Copyright of the newspaper (whichever it was) is acknowledged.



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