Honeysuckle / Apollo Reunion 2006

Bryan_1 Bryan_and_Ron Cyril_Hamish_Stan_2
Bryan Sullivan with the Westinghouse Lunar Camera.
(Eric Jones, ALSJ Editor, is at left.)
Bryan Sullivan and Ron Hicks with a Univac 1299 switch.
Cyril Fenwick and Hamish Lindsay with Stan Lebar.
Ed_Eric Ed_Stan_Switch_Camera1 Hamish_Stan_1
Ed von Renouard shows Eric Jones an Apollo 13 cartoon signed by Jack Swigert.
Ed von Renouard and the toggle switch with Stan Lebar and his camera.
Hamish Lindsay and Stan Lebar with a copy of Tracking Apollo to the Moon.
Mason_Cooke_Lebar2 Stan_Ed_Mike2 Stan_John

Neil ‘Fox’ Mason (left) and David Cooke from the Parkes Radio Observatory with Stan and the TV camera.

Neil drove the radio telescope during the Apollo 11 EVA.

David was the Senior Receiver Engineer.

Stan Lebar with Ed von Renouard and Mike Dinn.
Stan with John Saxon.
Stan_Phil-Maier Stan_Ron_Robin Stan_and_camera2_med
Stan with Phil Maier.
With Ron and Robin Hicks.
Stan poses for a photographer from The Canberra Times.
Stan_camera_med Stan_with_Dinns_2 Stan_with_Manns
Stan with the famous camera.
Stan with Trudy and Mike Dinn.
John and Jackie Mann with the camera.
Toggle_switch Toggle_switch_1
The toggle switch installed on the scan converter to invert the TV image when the camera was installed on the MESA.
Ed von Renouard, John Sarkissian (Parkes) and Stan Lebar marvel at the high-tech toggle switch brought by Ed.

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