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July 21, 2004





Greetings to all at Honeysuckle Creek, Canberra!



Thank you for gathering together today to remember the 35th Anniversary of the Apollo XI Lunar Landing and EVA.   To quote former U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen, “anniversaries are the high ground – a time to rethink the past, assess the present, and utter cherished hopes for the future.”


There are those of us who have basked in the glory of some of your commitments and accomplishments – perhaps receiving misplaced credit for doing what some once thought impossible.  But it was a team of people who “didn’t know it couldn’t be done” – a team of people like those of you here today.


I’m proud to have been a part of that team, and I thank you for your dedication back then and your vision for tomorrow.


Good luck to you all, and may you find “fair winds and following seas” in the future.




Eugene A. Cernan