Honeysuckle Operations, Certificates

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The Ops Console (49k)


A Simulation - L-R Grant, Saxon(Ops2), Dinn(Ops1), GSFC Sim Eng (34k)


Our First Manned Mission at Honeysuckle (57k)

Homewood(DOS), Rees(MSFC), Shepard(JSC), Dinn (62k)


First Manned Lunar Mission (44k)


Mike Dinn - Ops1 at work. Plus Grant (42k)

John Gorton PM with Tom Reid. Apollo 11 post landing, pre-pass. Saxon, Grant on Console (48k)


Apollo 11 during Parkes ops. Saxon, Lee, Reid, Dinn (talking to Parkes), Grant (48k)


Apollo 11 Certificate (70k)

Apollo 11 Award (44k)


Honeysuckle pre Apollo 13 Simulation (243k)


The Comms Team (29k)

Autographed John Young Photo (68k)


Australia Photo from John Young (45k)


20 Years on - April 1989
VP Quayle at Tidbinbilla
Taylor, Quayle, Boyd, Dinn, Middleton (43k)

Autographs of HSK People, plus Visitors (210k)


Canberra Times, December 1966 (246k)


Simulations - "Dim Sims" (51k)







Rocketdyne F1