Surveyor 1 audio and landing

Surveyor 1

The unmanned Surveyor 1 spacecraft was launched on May 30 1966 and landed in Oceanus Procellarum on June 2nd.

Peter Burton, in the UK, made these recordings of the live coverage of the mission of Surveyor 1. They really capture the excitement.

Launch (136kb) – with the familiar voice of NASA Public Affairs Officer Jack King.

Lunar landing (1MB) – apparently audio from BBC-TV, with the voice of the BBC’s Raymond Baxter heard at one point.

First picture taking sequence (1.9MB)

with thanks to Peter for these files.

Les Whaley - Analog console Bob Cudmore – Instrumentation Section Leader Jack Rothwell – Antenna Engineer Peter Papps – Magnetic recording John Heath – Microwave Engineer Bob Leslie – Station Director Neil McVicar – Receiver Technician Paddy Johnstone – Ops Controller Dave Watts – Antenna Technician Mal Glenn – JPL Rep