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Rationale for DSS-43 (to come)

Groundbreaking ceremony

Construction more coming soon

Opening – 13 April 1973
with audio and film

Apollo 17 support (in Apollo 17 section)

Enlargement from 64m to 70m new


Super 8 mm footage from the opening ceremony by Robert Denize (Tidbinbilla 1972-79).

Watch above on Vimeo or download the mp4 file (17MB) here.

DSS-43 40th anniversary celebrations on 13th April 2013.

DSS-43 was originally built as a 64 metre (210 foot) dish.
Large, Larger.
Courtesy Bryan Sullivan, scan Colin Mackellar.

The now 70 metre (250 foot) DSS-43, as viewed from DSS-34.
Photo courtesy Tony Pelling.



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