Muchea Photos from Dr Ed Beckman


From Mrs Joy Hendley-Jensen

These photos of Muchea were given to Mrs Joy Hendley-Jensen by family friend, Dr Ed Beckman.

Dr. Beckman was the attending USN physician based at Muchea for MA-5, the orbital flight of Enos the Chimp (November 1961) and MA-6, John Glenn’s pioneering three-orbit flight (February 20 and 21, 1962).

Mrs Hendley-Jensen donated these photos to the Archives at CDSCC / Tidbinbilla in early 2018. They appear to be Department of Supply photos.

With thanks to Glen Nagle of the Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre for the scans.


The Muchea Flight Control Team during Friendship 7.

Dr Warren Bishop is closest to camera. Ed Beckman is next to him, then Gordon Cooper.


The Muchea control room for Friendship 7. Taken some time before launch, this photo was embargoed for press use until a successful launch.

Jack Duperouzel is at bottom left at the Acquisition console. Gordon Cooper is wearing the darker shirt and sitting at the Capcom position at the Command console.

Commtech Gerry O'Connor is third from the right at the Commtech console.

Gus Pugh, M&O Supervisor is at far right.


21 February (Australian time) 1962.

RAAF Flight Surgeon Warren Bishop with US Flight Surgeon Ed Beckman and Capcom Astronaut Gordon Cooper in the Muchea Control Room after John Glenn’s successful flight.


A signed photo of the Mercury Seven Astronauts given to Dr Beckman.


The Flight Control Team during Scott Carpenter's flight, Aurora 7 (MA-7) 24 May 1962.

Top to bottom:

Dan Hunter, NASA Systems
Astronaut Deke Slayton, Capcom
Bob Ernull (Assistant Capcom?)
Lt. Comdr. Frank N. Austin, USN, Aeromedical Monitor
Sq. Ldr. Warren J. Bishop, RAAF, Aeromedical Monitor.

(Dan Hunter was at Carnarvon for GT-3, and later served as Director of the Madrid MSFN station.)

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