Muchea, Western Australia


Internal Photos at Muchea

Telemetry area

The Telemetry Area. Decoms on the left, Receivers on the right.

Left to right: Rex Hogan, Gordon MacDonald, Len Moyle, Sol Mathews, Colin Macnish.

With thanks to Kate Chamberlain (granddaughter of Muchea’s Reg Chamberlain). Kate includes a letter (larger) explaining how Reg received the photos.

Acquisition area

The Acquisition Area.

(The Command console is in the distance on the right.)

Large, Larger.

Photo scanned by Kate Chamberlain.

Command Console

The Command Station Display.

Larger, Largest.

Photo from the State Records Office of Western Australia collection. Cons 5939, Item 1962/067. With thanks to Meg Travers.

Comm Tech Console

Turning further to the right of the Command console, we see
The Comm Tech console.

Comm Tech Gerry O’Connor is seated at the console.

Larger, Largest.

Photo preserved by Glenis Austin (nee Wilkerson),
scanned by Jenni Whyatt.

Acquisition area

The Comms Room (and lunch area to the right).

Photo scanned by Kate Chamberlain.


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