Messages on the 50th anniversary of Friendship 7


John Glenn
Friendship 7 Astronaut
– to the people of Perth, and all who tracked him on his passage across Australia.

“I’ve recalled it so often, almost daily since then, that it just seems like it was yesterday to me.’

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Friendship 7 50th
Friendship 7 50th

Dr Chris Kraft
Friendship 7 Flight Director.
PDF file.

“Please give everyone ‘down under’ my sincerest congratulations for their contribution to our success – we could not have done it without them.”

Dr Michael Griffin
NASA Administrator 2005–2009.
PDF file.

“We remember the warmth shown by the citizens of Perth to our emissary, John Glenn, when you lit up his path as he flew overhead in the dark.”

with special thanks to Senator Glenn, Dr Kraft and Dr Griffin for sending these messages,
which have been passed on to the organisers of the 50th Anniversary celebrations in Perth.