Friendship 7 Thanks from the Flight Director

Friendship 7

Mercury Flight Director, Chris Kraft, sent this TWX (teletype message) to all the stations on the Mercury Network the day after the flight.

“As I pointed out in the verbal debriefing yesterday, the worth of the Mercury Network was already proven in the MA-4 and MA-5 flights.

However, the tremendous performance of the Network during John Glenn’s flight far exceeded every expectation any of us had.

Every one of you should feel proud as a result of yesterday's work and as much a part of the Mercury team as any member here at Canaveral.

My heartiest congratulations go to all of you. I only wish I could shake each hand around the world that had a part in it and maybe someday not too far off that will be possible.

My sincere appreciations for your support.

Chris Kraft, Mercury Flight Director.”

Sent at 1703Z 21 February 1962.

Click the image for a 600kb PDF file. Hamish Lindsay was given this copy by Kevyn Westbrook. Scan by Colin Mackellar.

Friendship 7

Flight Director Chris Kraft in Mercury Control.



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