Island Lagoon, Woomera


Trouble with Snakes

From Pat Delgado –

We were aware of different types of creatures on and around the dish and the buildings – brown snakes and copperheads, centipedes and red back spiders.

When working at night it was always good policy to see what was on the outside doormat. It would have been possible several times to tread on a brown snake as almost happened once to Jan at the HQ (Admin) building between DSS 41 and Minitrack.

I also had a close call once while walking between buildings at the dish when a copperhead leapt off a roadside rock towards me. I managed to kill it with a length of cable I had with me.

By the way, cable is a far better weapon for this purpose than a stick as it has more ground coverage.


Island Lagoon

The sign reads:

“King size worms found locally
10/- each.
Apply P Delgado”

Photo: Pat Delgado.