DSS41 Staff Photos


c. August 1967

Island Lagoon

Derek Bee (Receivers and Servo) has shared this photo (via Jan Delgado).

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Standing, Left to Right: Dave Harkess, Frank Williams, Roger Ramsden, not known, Laurie Rutledge, Sam Pfeiffer, not known, John Levay, Dave Hollingsworth, Alec Smith, Joe Sabolich, Mike Somerville, not known, Ray Smith, Gordon Williamson, Ken Woods and a Boeing man (can’t recall his name).

Sitting: Ivan Chomenko, Tony Price, Bernie Palmer, Chopper Chawynski, not known, Val Airey, John Downes, Laurie Schultz, Bernie Bradley, John Carter.

Seems to have been taken in August or early September 1967 (from checking staff lists).

With thanks to Harry Hakkennes for John Downes’ name, and to Vira Chomenko for identifying her father, Ivan Chomenko.

Possibly 1968

Island Lagoon

Date uncertain. Possibly 1968.

Photo: Derek Bee.

circa October 1968

Island Lagoon

Senior staff of DSS-41, circa October 1968.

Left to right:

1. Frank Williams, Space Track Pty. Ltd, Site Engineer.

2. Alan Harrison – Company Senior Rep., Space Track Pty. Ltd.

3. Alan Perriman – Dept of Supply, Section Leader, RF and Antenna.

4. Don Cocks, Station Director. 

5. Peter Trost, Dept of Supply, Experimental Officer 3, Section Leader, Operations.

6. Robert Cotton, Dept of Supply, Asst Admin Officer.

7. Tony Legg – Dept of Supply, Experimental Officer 3, Section Leader of Data and Instrumentation.

With thanks to Station Director Don Cocks via John Heath.
Scan and image repair by Colin Mackellar.

Here’s another photo, taken the same day.


Island Lagoon

The staff of the Deep Space Station, DSS-41, Island Lagoon, in 1969.

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With thanks to Station Director Don Cocks, and to John Heath.
Scan and image repair: Colin Mackellar.



Island Lagoon

The staff of the Deep Space Station, DSS-41, Island Lagoon, in late 1971.

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Photo and notes from John Heath.

Additional help from Keith Aldworth, Stew Burton, John Wickens and John Edwards.

DSS 41 Island Lagoon Staff Complement in late 1971 was about 96. Most of these (69 in total), which includes two Operations Teams, are in the photo. The names and their positions as far as I can recall are –
Back Row

1. ? ;  2.  ? ;  3. Clarrie Harridge, Receiver Engineer;  4. Mark Foster?;  5. ? ;  6. Mike Quinlan, Data Handling Senior Engineer;  7. Gordon Horne;  RF Technician;  8. Jim Balshaw, Antenna/Servo Technician;  9. Gordon Dowse;  10. Bob Roesler, Data Handling Technician;  11. Mike Somerville, Receiver Technician;  12. Tony Bell ;  13. Bob Green, Comms Supervisor;  14. Zoltan Beldi, ? ;  15. Peter Pistoor, Receiver Technician;  16. Ian Warren, Comms Operator;  17. Jim Hoyland, Data Handling Technician;  18. Ken Wood, Data Handling Technician;  19. Les Acton, Data Handling Technician;  20. Terry Davies, Receiver Technician;  21. Andrew Jary;

Middle Row

22. Bill Day, Admin Clerk;  23. Tony Price, Data Handling Technician;  24. Dave Hollingsworth, Operations Supervisor;  25. ? ;  26. ? ;  27. ? ;  28. Reg Wooster, Facilities Technician;  29. Geoff Smith, Receiver Technician; 30. ? ;  31.? ;  32. Hadyn Sly, QA Technician;  33. Ron Spain, Admin Clerk; 34. ? ;  35. Trevor Harding, Finances Clerk;  36. ?;  37. ?;  38. Harry Frodsham, Senior Tech Data Handling;  39. John Levay, Receiver Technician;  40. Max Jauczius. Antenna/servo tech.;  41. ? ;  42. John Wickens, Data Handling Technician; 43. John McGrath, Antenna/Servo Technician;  44. ? ; 45. Ray Smith. Senior tech Antenna/servo;  46. Roy Livermore, Data Handling Technician (or could it be Bernie Palmer. Receiver tech.??);  47. ? ;   48. ? ; 49. Barry Avis. Data Handling tech.;


50. Bill Fussell, Facilities Supervisor;  51. ?;  52. ?;  53. Commonwealth bus driver?;  54. ?; 55. Margaret Hardy, CSR Secretary;  56. ?;  57. ?;  58. ?;    59. Val Airey, Data Handling Operator;  60. John Heath, Company Senior Representative;  61. Don Cocks, Station Director;  62. Len Algate, Chief Electronics Engineer; 63, Bob Cotton, Administrative Officer;  64. Doug Cribb, Support Services Manager;  65. ?;  66. ? ;  67. ? ;  68. Mrs Williams, Documentation;  69. ? ;

Staff Not Present in photo are:

Two other Operations Team, each of twelve staff, who were either rostered off or were sleeping after doing a night shift. The only names I can put to these are:

70. Alec Smith, Senior Operations Supervisor;  71. Algy Ellicot; Operations Supervisor;  72. Dick Davey, Comms Technician;  73. - Mrs ‘Deeno’ Porter, Comms Operator;  74. Joe Filmore, Data Handling Operator,

and two other Engineers:

75. Gordon Cardwell, Microwave Engineer;  76. Dave Leslie, RF Senior Engineer.

Keith Aldworth adds–

“9.Gordon Dowse... ... I think number 24 is John Flaxman. I remember Dave Hollingworth as much taller.”

Stew Burton adds –

On that day I was heading down the Port road with my family returning to Canberra so was not included, along with many others who were also returning or had left a bit earlier or were off shift at the time as John Heath has suggested.

Others not in the picture and were contemporaries at DSS 41: Some may be hiding in picture, with youthful faces long gone – Don Lippett, Frank Adcock, Mike Mezzio, Daryl Pentland, Peter O’Donahue, Frank Frodsham, Harry Frodsham, Jack Prider, Peter Gracie, Frank Adcock, John Murray.

I make  4 Mark Foster?
            9 is certainly Gordon Dowse
            19 is Les Acton
            21 looks like Andrew Jary
            24 I claim is Dave Hollingsworth
            53 Commonwealth bus driver?
            68 Mrs Williams from documentation.

I hope this stirs a few memories and fills some gaps. Regards to all. Stew Burton.