Fresnedillas after Apollo


After the Apollo Program ended – like Honeysuckle Creek – the Madrid Apollo station’s days were numbered. Like Honeysuckle, Fresnedillas joined the Deep Space Network.

Bill Wood writes –

“Here are... photographs I took while visiting the Madrid STDN station in September of 1980 for a flying clock synchronization check. We were on a trip to all three DSN stations in Spain, Australia and Goldstone to get a better time sync for upcoming Voyager missions. It was a whirlwind visit to three continents in two weeks.”

Not long after these photos were taken, the station was closed and the antenna was moved to the main DSN complex at Robledo de Chavel.


The modified 26-meter antenna. The old quadrapod was removed and replaced with a self-supporting subreflector in the GSTDN retrofit in about 1975.

In 1985 this antenna was relocated to the Robledo DSN complex by Joe Kuberth of GSFC GSTDN Engineering.”

Photos and text: Bill Wood.



The Madrid 26 metre antenna on the right stands with the newer 9 metre antenna in the foreground in this 1978 transparency by Luis F. Rojo.


A general view of the Fresnedillas (Madrid) site – now a STDN station – in this 1978 transparency by Luis F. Rojo.


The Madrid STDN station.

1978 transparency by Luis F.Rojo.


Does anyone have more info or pictures they could share?