The King of Cooby

Cooby Creek

Darcey, “King of Cooby”.

Cooby Creek

And here’s the full story.

Probably from The Downs Star, Toowoomba.

Was Darcy named after Robert Darcey, ATS Project Manager?? – Ed.

Ken Anderson replies (March 2015):

“In answer to your question, yes he was named for Robert Darcey.

Mr Darcey was a man who put the fear of whatever into those who met him for the first time.

Darcey, the cat, started his attempt to decimate the local hare population by catching the leverets. He would carry his catch into the foyer of the ladies’ rest room and eat it at his leisure. Being a somewhat messy eater he would leave odds and ends of his meal strewn about the foyer, a practice which led to many screams and so on when the ladies went to powder their noses after the trip from Toowoomba.

Darcey graduated to catching full grown hares, and would proudly drag his prey down to the canteen area to show his humble servants what a great hunter he was.”

Scans by Neil Sandford.