CRO people

Some photos of people at Carnarvon

Alan Gilham

Alan Gilham (centre) waiting to be interviewed on “Downunder comes up live”.

Click the photo to read Alan’s story. See more of his photos here.

Len Algate

Len Algate, the FPQ6 supervising engineer. He was later the Chief Electronics Engineer at DSS-41, Island Lagoon and also CSR at Cooby Creek, before moving to WRE Salisbury. Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

Lewis Wainwright

Former Carnarvon Station Director Lewis Wainwright (who had previously been at Muchea) was honoured at Goddard Space Fight Center on 14 March 1969.

Item from Goddard News for 14 April, 1969. Preserved by Mike Dinn, scan by Colin Mackellar.


Station Director Lewis Wainwright (centre) makes handprints in wet cement.

AWA CSR (Company Senior Representative) Col Smith watches at left. Frank McRae is at right.

Large, Larger. Caption.

Photo: Jim Gregg, used by permission. Scanned by Trevor Mosel.