Skylab 3 Prank


The second manned Skylab mission, Skylab 3, was launched on 28 July 1973.

On 10 September 1973, as the Orbital Workshop passed over Carnarvon, the prank unfolded as Owen Garriott played the prepared tape made by his wife, Helen.

See Hamish Lindsay’s essay for the background.


Skylab tape

Phil Maier recorded this tape at Honeysuckle Creek from one of the one inch voice tapes.

To hear the Prank Tape segment with Helen Garriott (“on Skylab”) and Capcom Bob Crippen, click this link for the 2.1MB mp3 file.

With thanks to Phil Maier.
Tape transfer by Colin Mackellar, April 2023.

Phil Maier

Phil Maier at Honeysuckle Creek in 1976.

Back Row: Stirling Finlay, Les Hughes, Laurie Turner.
Front Row: Phil Maier, Terry Hearn.
Photo: Hamish Lindsay. Scan: Colin Mackellar July 2021.