Station Readiness Tests


Station Readiness Tests (SRTs) were a regular feature of any mission at each of the tracking stations.

The SRT involved detailed and exhaustive checks of equipment and configuration,
in conjunction with the Goddard Space Flight Center.


Bryan Sullivan discovered a 30 minute compact cassette recording he made at Honeysuckle during Apollo 16.

Recordings of a Station Readiness Test

1.) Part 1 of tape – 14 min 32 s – including explanatory notes.

2.) Part 2 of tape – 10 min 04s – including explanatory notes.


Any corrections – or info on speakers at Goldstone, Houston, Goddard, Hawaii, etc, would be appreciated. Please let us know.

John Saxon writes – “The SRT shift doing a great job! And a good illustration of how difficult that CADFISS stuff was (specially LM Mode 8 :-).”

3.) SRT recordings The Apollo 16 Lunar Landing – mp3 file.

As recorded from Net 1 and Net 2 at Honeysuckle (Goldstone was prime) – 4 min 33 s – 560kb mp3 file

Hear John Young and Charlie Duke as they descend towards Descartes
– starting at about 104:26:40GET, until just after landing.

(Audio digitised by Colin Mackellar.)


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