Apollo 9 Launch Audio

Apollo 9 launch

The launch of Apollo 9.
(Image courtesy Kipp Teague’s Apollo Image Archive.)

Richard Stachurski, Network Controller for the launch of Apollo 9,
preserved two audio tapes of the launch of Apollo 9.

1. Audio This recording of the Apollo 9 launch begins 53 seconds before liftoff.

Apollo 9 launch Tape 1– 2.8MB mp3 / 5 min 11 sec.

This recording is of the Air-to-Ground circuit (GOSS Conference).

The Capcom is Stu Roosa.

2. Audio This recording of the Apollo 9 launch begins 32 seconds before liftoff. It’s a very clear recording.

Apollo 9 launch Tape 2 – 2.9MB mp3 / 4 min 29 sec.

Richard writes,

“I believe it is a composite of several loops:

The first one you hear is OIS (Operational Intercom System) channel 111. This was the channel used by the Space Vehicle Test Supervisor (call sign CVTS) at the Cape. You hear that loop up through tower clear.

Along with 111, I think you have a composite of the Flight Director loop and the air-to-ground circuit (GOSS Conference).”

Updated: The first voice on this tape is “Stony” – that’s the call sign for the person at in the Firing Room who communicates with the crew – effectively the Capsule Communicator for the Countdown. [Can anyone tell me who this is for Apollo 9?]

After launch, as well as Capcom Stu Roosa, the main voice you hear is that of White Team Flight Director Gene Kranz in Houston.


Richard Stachurski is seen here (centre) at the Network console, two consoles to the right of the Flight Director, in the Mission Operations Control Room in Houston. (This scene was during Apollo 11 Recovery.)


With thanks to Richard Stachurski.
Audio transfer by Colin Mackellar.


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