Apollo 7 TWXs


MSFN TWXs during Apollo 7

Brian Riehle (at the MSFN Guam station from February 1966 until mid 1970, and then Corpus Christi for Apollo 14) preserved these TWXs (i.e. teletype messages) sent at the conclusion of Apollo 7, on October 22 1968.

Next stop: The Moon!

Apollo 7

Network Controller Ernie Randall in Houston sent this message, releasing the Manned Space Flight Network from support of Apollo 7.

“The Apollo Network is released from support of Apollo 7.
It was a job well done.
With any kind of luck we will spend Christmas around the Moon.”

Until this point, the plan to send Apollo 8 around the Moon, just eight weeks later, was a closely guarded secret. The final decision was dependent on a successful Apollo 7.

Preserved and scanned by Brian Riehle.

Apollo 7

Dr John F Clark, Director of the Goddard Space Flight Center, sent this congratulatory message to the Manned Space Flight Network –

“The successful completion of the Apollo 7 flight has highlighted the results of the years of effort that have gone into making the MSFN a viable reality. The quality of support provided even under very difficult environmental conditions clearly demonstrates the dedication and skill of the personnel as well as the technical capabilities of the Network.

This has been a most significant milestone in our advance into space. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the team and to wish all of you continued success. Well done.”

Preserved and scanned by Brian Riehle.

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