Ode to the LM


Here’s a rather sad TWX sent out to the network towards the end of Apollo 17.
December 15, 1972.


Ode to the LM and its Creators.

Ode to the LM

Sent to the network to mark the demise of the last Lunar Module, Challenger, and the end (for a long time) of manned lunar exploration.

With thanks to Bryan Sullivan.

Bryan writes, “I remember being on shift the night it came in to HSK Comms. It was, I think, the first and only TWX that expressed any emotional sensitivity at a moment when we were all still focussed and hyped up on the A-17 lunar phase operations.”

Gene Kranz
Challenger, after separation from America, preparing to descend to the surface.

NASA photo AS17-151-23201. Scan: JSC via Apollo Image Archive.
Cropped and levels adjusted.