Apollo 17 timeline

The Honeysuckle Creek – Apollo 17 Timeline

Times in Australian Eastern Standard Time.

HSK timeline
Mike Dinn writes:

“This is the locally produced Apollo 17 timeline. These were started by Bernie Scrivener to aid him with his PR role, but we all found them a very useful, compact summary of the mission, highlighting those major activities occurring in the HSK view. I don’t know who would have produced this one.

Notice I’ve added Houston time – I was using this on my visit to Houston during the mission. Looks like there is, or should be, a sheet 2, but I don't seem to have it.”

Note the key in the top left-hand corner. The dark horizontal line denotes the HSK and HSKX (i.e. Tidbinbillla) view period. The thick horizontal line denotes the HSKP (i.e. Parkes) view period. This is shorter because, due to mechanical constraints, the Parkes dish cannot point lower than 30° above the horizon.) This is version 4, October 1972.


Version 5 – with both sheets.

HSK timeline

Hamish Lindsay preserved both sheets of Version 5, dated 01 December 1972. Note the annotations in blue. Some refer to timeline updates, while others seem to be of possible changes which were not implemented. Scanned by Colin Mackellar.

Sheet 1.

HSK timeline

Sheet 2.