Apollo 17 Flight Plan


Flight Plan

Honeysuckle’s Cyril Fenwick preserved this copy of the Apollo 17 Flight Plan.

Download the 62MB PDF file here.

(You may prefer to right-click on the link to download the file. Note that it might take some time to download.)

This is the Computer section’s copy number 6.

The “Final Flight Plan” is dated October 23, 1972.

“Change A” – November 20, 1972 (from page 99 of this PDF file) – was received at the station on the day of launch (Australian time), 07 December.

The Flight Plans were distributed as loose leaf to allow for late changes to be made, and the Technical Support Section, headed by Hamish Lindsay, had the unenviable task of make sure everyone had the updated pages they needed.

Scanned, and this PDF file assembled, by Colin Mackellar in December 2022, the 50th anniversary of Apollo 17.

Blank pages have been retained. Pages with tables are rotated for ease of reading. Scanned in colour for authenticity.

With thanks to Cyril for lending his copy for scanning!

The 711 pages includes 90+ pages of revisions as well as hand anotations.

Flight Plan

At left, Gene Cernan onboard Apollo 17 consults his Flight Plan. (Image AS17-162-24084.)

At right, Honeysuckle’s Cyril Fenwick holds his copy in front of DSS43 at Tidbinbilla on 08 December 2022. After life at Honeysuckle, Cyril spent many years at Tidbinbilla driving the huge dish.