Apollo 13

12–18 April 1970 (AEST)

Triumph from the brink of Disaster

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Apollo 13 Essay by Hamish Lindsay

And see also this PDF version of the essay, produced by Glen Nagle. new

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Pre-mission Simulations

Apollo 13 Launch video

Audio interviews:

1.) Bill Wood on the LM / IU frequency clash.
2.) Bruce Window on getting Parkes up.

Bruce Window’s notes on the Network audio after the explosion. new

Honeysuckle Apollo 13 Comms

Apollo 13 Re-entry section
including previously unpublished
Re-entry and Recovery audio from ARIA 4

Canberra Times 9 April 1970

Pre-mission simulations at Honeysuckle Creek, as reported in The Canberra Times.

Apollo 13 was a real test of men and equipment –
and was the mission when Honeysuckle’s resources
(as well as those of Tidbinbilla, Carnarvon, Parkes and elsewhere)
were stretched to the limit.