Apollo 12 says hello to Honeysuckle

Hello to all the troops at Honeysuckle.

Hello to all the troops

Click the image above to see a 3.4MB mp4 file from the broadcast, courtesy Mark Gray and Spacecraft Films.

Apollo 12 sends greetings

370kb mp3 file.

Or, for just the audio, click the link above to hear Pete Conrad, onboard Apollo 12, send greetings to the troops at Carnarvon and Honeysuckle.

The greeting is sent during the television broadcast at 063:34 GET – and this audio comes from a tape recorded by Bernard Scrivener and digitised by Mike Dinn. The Capcom is Jerry Carr.

Conrad: Australia is getting this live? Ah, I’d like to say hello to all the friends down there at the tracking station in Carnarvon, if they’re down...
… …
Carr: … 12, Houston. Don’t forget the troops at Honeysuckle.
Bean: Hello to all the troops at Honeysuckle!
Conrad: Haven’t been to Honeysuckle, though.
Gordon: What he’s saying, Jerry, he’s asking for a trip.
Carr: That’s what I figured – to Honeysuckle.

Bryan with Frank Hain

Two of the troops at Honeysuckle:

Bryan Sullivan (left) and Frank Hain at the computer consoles during the Apollo 12 mission.