Apollo 10 begins the return journey

Post-TEI audio recorded at Honeysuckle Creek


we'll see it live

Mike Dinn kept this clipping from a newspaper (perhaps The Canberra Times?) with a story about the Australian stations’ part in Apollo 10’s return from the Moon.

Click the image for more of the story.

Audio recorded at Honeysuckle Creek

Hear the audio of the post-TEI television broadcast, as it was received at Honeysuckle Creek. Honeysuckle was prime.

audio 23MB mp3 file. Runs for 62 minutes 25 seconds. Net 1.

Starts at 137:48:46 GET.

The recording commences shortly after emergence from behind the Moon on Apollo 10’s journey back to Earth.

This file begins with the crew playing a (rather distorted) clip of Dean Martin singing “Going Back to Houston”, from their battery-powered cassette player.

(From about 47 minutes into the recording, there is some speed variablity in the tape from which Hamish’s copy was made.)

Tape recorded at Honeysuckle Creek and kept by Hamish Lindsay. Digital transfer by Colin Mackellar, April 2018.


The news clipping above predicted that Australian viewers should see post-TEI television from Apollo 10 via Honeysuckle Creek. Indeed they did.

Just after emergence following the Trans Earth Injection burn, the crew activate their Westinghouse Color TV Camera.

During the broadcast, the amazing speed with which they are departing the Moon is apparent. Later in the broadcast, Capcom Joe Engle tells the crew their broadcast is being seen live across Australia, however Commander Tom Stafford is aware that it may be shown in Australia. Near the start of this clip, he announces,

“I hope the Aussies have their sets tuned in because it’s absolutely fantastic here.”

The transcript is available at The Apollo 10 Flight Journal.


The television link from Honeysuckle to Williamsdale, and then to Red Hill and Sydney, was set up prior to Apollo 10 to ensure it would be ready for Apollo 11.

Excerpt from the television broadcast
we'll see it live

Click the image for a 2 minute, 7MB MPEG4 clip of part of the TV broadcast. Video courtesy of Spacecraft Films.