The sad sight of a deserted
Honeysuckle Creek

Some time not long after Honeysuckle closed, Scott Hendry and his wife Chris returned to the station.

Here are the photos they took –

No antenna!

Scott Hendry stands outside the deserted Honeysuckle Ops building.

The inset – a photo taken by Bill Wood in October 1980 – shows what is missing – the antenna! Also gone are the microwave tower providing the link to Tidbinbilla, the US and Australian flags – and the people of Honeysuckle Creek.

Photo: Chris Hendry. Click on the image for a larger version without the comparison.

Ops Building from antenna pad

The Honeysuckle Ops building from the antenna pad.

The flags and the microwave tower have gone. Photo: Scott Hendry.

The antenna pad

The antenna pad. Photo: Scott Hendry.

Servo console

Scott at the servo console – with no antenna to control. This was one of the few pieces of equipment left. It was later removed.

Photo: Chris Hendry.

Empty ops area

However the rest of the Ops area was almost empty.

Photo: Chris Hendry.

HSK 44 for auction

On the blackboard in the Conference Room in the operations level in the middle of the building, someone had left this chalk drawing.

This is the work of Laurie Turner. (Thanks to Laurie’s daughter Judith and grandson, Michael Ascroft, for the confirmation.)

(L J Hooker Pty Ltd is an Australian real estate agent.)

Photo: Scott Hendry.