Ernest (Ned) Kelly

Woomera Minitrack

Ned Kelly

Ernest (Ned) Kelly at the original Woomera 108MHz Minitrack in 1961.

Frame from a Department of Supply film.

Interview with Ned Kelly

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Ernest (Ned) Kelly is one of Australia’s first space trackers. He began working at the original 108MHz Woomera Minitrack on Range G in June 1958, during the International Geophysical Year.

When the Minitrack station was moved to Island Lagoon, south of Woomera, he helped establish the new 136MHz station, a short distance from DSS-41.

Interview recorded by Colin Mackellar, 26 August 2014.

With grateful thanks to Ned for his willingness to share his ‘tales from the first space age’.

Ned Kelly

Minitrackers Ernest (Ned) Kelly and Bruce Window in 2012.

Photo: Bruce Window.

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly at the Mod1 Minitrack Console at Island Lagoon in 1962.

Larger, Largest. Photo: Bruce Window.

Here is the 1961 WRE footage from which the top photo was taken.