The Road – photos by Ian Hahn

Update: See the new high resolution scans. (2020)

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The original track going up Dead Man’s Hill (DMH).
The original track going up Dead Man’s Hill (DMH).
The entry to the Apollo Access Road – under construction
Note the sign for the station building contractor, T. H. O’Connor.
The old track after crossing the creek and approaching DMH.
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The old track on DMH.
The old track on DMH.
Tharwa Drive between Lanyon and Tharwa (gravel in 1966). Tharwa and
Tharwa Bridge in the middle of the picture.
Tharwa Road passing Lanyon (on the right). Still gravel here, but
preparations for sealing the road can be seen.
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Booroomba Road between Cuppacumbalong and the present Namadgi Visitors’
The old Tharwa Drive (now Canberra suburbs) just after turning off the
Monaro Highway, last of the bitumen in 1966.

With thanks to Hamish Lindsay for the captions.

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