External views – photos by Ian Hahn

Update: See the new high resolution scans. (2020)

antenna_fr_power_house.jpg hahn_orroral.jpg hahn_stn_01.jpg hahn_stn_a02.jpg
Antenna from the Powerhouse – during construction of the station.

Note the temporary builders offices of T.H. O’Connor in the car park.

Looking down into Orroral Valley from the coll tower.
Honeysuckle Creek from the water tank.
The antenna from the Powerhouse.
hahn_stn_a03.jpg hahn_stn_a05.jpg hahn_stn_a16.jpg hahn_stn_a17.jpg
The Antenna!
Honeysuckle Creek from (?) the Coll Tower.
The Antenna.
The Antenna.

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