Ops Building Equipment – from Ian Hahn’s collection

Update: See the new high resolution scans. (2020)

i30.jpg ic25.jpg ic26.jpg ic27.jpg
The Operations Desk – in its first incarnation
Command and Telemetry
Computers (click for details)
One of the tape handlers
The Univac 642B Telemetry Computer
ic31.jpg it20.jpg it21.jpg it22.jpg
Tape handler for the Univac 642B Telemetry Computer
A Mincom M22 telemetry recorder on the left and a M25 on the right.
Fourteen-track voice recorder. (Click for details.)
Mincom M-22
it24.jpg iu18.jpg iu19.jpg iu23.jpg
Another photo of the fourteen-track voice recorder
Antenna Servo Console
USB area: The receiver-exciter control racks...
Exciter 2, Receiver 3 and Receiver 4

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