More photos of the Opening - 17th March 1967

These photos were taken by Bruce Withey (at Honeysuckle 1967 – 1969).


Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt is overshadowed by the Honeysuckle antenna.

Photo: Bruce Withey.

attentive listeners

Attentive listeners.

Photo: Bruce Withey.

in the USB area

In the USB area after the Opening Ceremony.

Photo: Bruce Withey.

view from near Powerhouse

The Honeysuckle Ops Building and antenna – from the Powerhouse.

Photo: Bruce Withey.

moving the antenna

The antenna is moved on Opening Day

– and the lawn is watered.

Photo: Bruce Withey.

Danny Twomey

Danny Twomey (one of the Sureguard security guards) with the Gemini X spacecraft brought for display at the opening ceremony.

Scan: Danny Twomey.

From Goddard News, May 1 1967.

Goddard News

Photos of the Honeysuckle opening.

Scan: Bruce Withey.

Goddard News page 1 detail
Goddard News page 2

And the report in Goddard News, May 1 1967.

Scan: Bruce Withey.