Official Guests


Official guests included –

The Rt Hon. Harold Holt, Prime Minister of Australia
Dr. Robert Seamans, Deputy Administrator of NASA
Edmond C. Buckley
, Associate Administrator of NASA
Tecwyn Roberts, Head of the Manned Flight Operations Division at the Goddard Space Flight Center
John South, Goddard’s Representative to Australia
Christopher Kraft, Assistant Director for Flight Operations
Willson Hunter, NASA’s Senior Scientific Representative in Australia

as well as

Senator Denham Henty, Australian Minister of State for Supply
Lloyd Bott DCS CBE Deputy Secretary of the Department of Supply.


An invitation to the Offical Opening.

With thanks to Hamish Lindsay.


In a 12 January 2012 e-mail to Colin Mackellar, Dr Chris Kraft wrote,

“In 1967, following the tragic Apollo 1 fire, Tecwyn Roberts and I had the priviledge of spending 17 days travelling around Australia to visit all of the stations preparing to participate in the Apollo Program.

We met and talked to every one of the wonderful engineers, technicians and other supporters who were to be involved. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

And commenting on photos of the Honeysuckle Creek opening Day, he wrote, on 18 January 2012,

“They are wonderful and reminded me of the day we spent there with friends we made while visiting Australia in March of 1967.
An awful lot of adventures have transpired since then.

Tec Roberts was without question one of my closest associates and I had such a great time when we were there.

Edmond Buckley was a wonderful NACA/NASA associate. He deserves the NASA credit for building the World Wide Network.

Bob Seamans, the Deputy Administrator of  NASA and a tremendous contributor to NASA was among my closest friends and a major contributor to the success of NASA in that time period.

All of those people have passed away but it is very nice to recall their contributions to our accomplishments in that time.

We were indeed fortunate to live in the ‘Age of Aquarius.’”


Opening Day commemorative book

On Honeysuckle Creek’s “Cherry-Picker” (from left),
Mr Edmond C. Buckley (partly obscured); Mr. Christopher Kraft, Jr.; and Mr. Willson H. Hunter.