Honeysuckle Creek Construction footage

Here’s some silent footage of the construction of Honeysuckle Creek from 30 May, 1966.
It was taken by NASA cameraman Bob Bird.

With special thanks to Mark Gray of Spacecraft Films for finding this footage and for supplying the transfer.

See also photos of the construction., including aerial photos taken about the same time.

HSK early days

Click the link to download a 26MB MP4 silent video file, showing construction in late May 1966.

At some point in the transfer process, the film was cropped to an almost 1:1 aspect ratio.

Note the lack of safety gear.

Three slow pans by the cameraman made it possible to capture still frames
and to use them to assemble these very rough panoramas:

HSK construction

North to East. Deadman’s Hill is just to the left of this panorama.

HSK construction

Note the clearing for the Coll. tower, on the horizon above the centre of the Ops Building. (There’s some geometric distortion in this panorama.)

HSK construction

The Powerhouse and fuel tanks.

Possibly taken from the top landing of the builders offices of T H O’Connor, seen in this 1966 photo by Ian Hahn.

under construction
under construction

These photos are stills from the Spacecraft Films DVD “1966 NASA Aeronautics and Space Reports”, which had a few seconds of an uncropped version of the same film – with thanks to Spacecraft Films.