The search for the Apollo 11 TV tapes


Acknowledgement of images used in the flyer .

Page 1.
Parkes Polaroid 4 x 5” photo taken at Sydney Video of the Fairchild 320 line slow scan monitor showing the Parkes slow scan TV, preserved by Bob Goodman. Scan provided by John Sarkissian at Parkes. (See this comparison of the Polaroid and another Polaroid of the scan-converted Parkes TV picture – by John Sarkissian on the Parkes website.)

(Right hand) Frame from the International broadcast was taken from Mark Gray’s Spacecraft Films DVD set of the NASA kinescope archive as recorded at Houston. Screen capture by Colin Mackellar.

Photo of the Lunar TV camera: A detail from NASA image AS11-40-5907, courtesy of Kipp Teague’s Apollo Image Gallery.


Page 2.
Photo of Taffy Bowen behind the pile of Memorex 1" tapes used in the M-22 telemetry recorders at Parkes with thanks to John Sarkissian.

Map by Colin Mackellar.

Goldstone Polaroid courtesy Bill Wood. Frame from the broadcast TV as above.


Page 3.
Images of the Accession 255-69A-4099 document and the tape label courtesy of Stan Lebar.

Small photo of the Honeysuckle Creek Memorex telemetry tape (of a 1967 simulation) by John Saxon.


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