Prime Minister John Gorton visits Honeysuckle Creek

Around 8:20 to 9:15am Monday 21 July 1969

Video: Tour inside the Operations Building

Prime Minister Gorton’s statement

Australian Prime Minister John Gorton is taken on a tour of the Honeysuckle Creek Operations Building by Station Director Tom Reid.

It is between 8:30 and 9:00am Eastern Australian Standard Time. The Eagle landed just over 2 hours before the tour began – and the Moon would rise just over two hours after the Prime Minister left the Station. It is around 4 hours before the First Step and there is plenty of activity as the next Station Readiness Test looms.

This unedited silent news film runs for 4 minutes.

It was provided by Geoff Crane Producer / Director with ABC-TV in Canberra. With grateful thanks to ABC-TV’s Stateline (ACT edition) for their permission to make this clip available.

The clip is a 33MB MP4 file.

See labelled still frames from the footage here.


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