Neil Armstrong tethered to the LEC.


LEC_TV_0_footpad1.jpg LEC_TV_0_footpad2.jpg

Immediately before “That’s one small step...”, you can just see the LEC.

It’s easier to make out in moving video.

See the next frame where I've sketched over it.

Video from Honeysuckle.

All except last frame from Mark Gray’s DVD.

There it is!
LEC_TV_1.jpg LEC_TV_2.jpg
After stepping onto the surface - as Neil says,
“There seems to be no difficulty in moving around...”

The LEC is attached to a connector on his suit and the end hangs down.

Picture through Honeysuckle.
“The descent engine did not leave a crater of any size...”

Picture through Honeysuckle.
LEC_TV_3.jpg LEC_TV_4.jpg
Neil holds the LEC with his left hand.

Through Honeysuckle.
As above.

On the next switch to Goldstone, the picture sent to Houston in negative.

You can see the LEC clearly here.

(From the HSK DVD.)

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